Jim is Katie's Man

Infinite AR - Episode 1574

The beam from the gun increased Jim's age to 25, and gave him a more rugged look with broad shoulders and muscles that could be seen through his clothes. "Whoa." Jim said overlooking himself. "Yeah, whoa." Katie said blushing looking over Jim's body. "Look at us, we're practically the same age as each other, we don't even look like siblings anymore." Jim noted. "Let's pretend we're not for a little fun." Katie said chuckling. "Why?" "No one will know it's us but us and besides, we could have a little fun with other people." "Okay let's do it then." The two of them go downstairs and see their mother, Jim points the gun at her and she becomes

  1. A College Girl
  2. A High School Girl
  3. An Elementary School Girl
  4. A Baby
  5. Disappears and Katie becomes pregnant with her

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