The Pacifier

Infinite AR - Episode 1550

Jim walked into the strange store, which was seemingly overlooked by those arund him. None of them even seemed to notice that the store existed at all. As he entered and closed the door behind him, all the noise from it was cut off, as though the door was completely soundproof. He looked around, and found that he was in a nursery-like room, with a crib, a playpen, changing table, etc. In the middle of the room stood a young boy who looked like he was about twelve years old, wearing a diaper and sucking on a pacifier.

Jim looked down at the kid and thought, Aren't you a little old for diapers? The kid met his eyes then, and pulled the pacifier from his mouth. "No, actually, I'm not." he said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Jim was shocked. He read my mind! thought Jim. The boy nodded. Jim shook his head. This couldn't be happening. The boy took a step closer to him and said, "You're never too old for diapers, Jim, as you'll soon learn..."

Then, suddenly, the boy jumps forward and puts his pacifier in Jim's mouth. Jim feels a tingling sensation as he realizes that...

  1. the boy has granted Jim a special power.
  2. the boy has made Jim fear toilets.
  3. the boy has removed Jim's potty training.
  4. the boy has regressed Jim's age to the same as his own.
  5. the boy has regressed Jim's age to less than his own.

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