The Wishing Well

Infinite AR - Episode 15251

A odd shop that just appeared between the Star Bucks and a Book Store. It wasn't there last time Jim came, heck the Star Bucks and the Book Store used to be the same spot sharing tables. There was no way a store could have popped up. At first Jim was going to pass by, but when he saw someone go get a coffee and walk though a wall into the book store he came to understand that no one could see or interact with new store. With that he heads in and is greated by two ladys no old then 24. They would have been perfect mirror images had it not been for one dressing in a red long dress, having blue hair that only covered her ears and blue eyes. The other was in short shorts, and tank top both blue, with red hair and red eyes. They where the same hight same build same and same bust double d. The red head bows her head. "Welcome to." Then she stands tall and the blue haired one bows her head and finishes. "Our store." As they keep talking they swap back and forth. "The Wishing Well only appears to a handful of people all with either a pure heart, or in need punishment. But fear not Jim you are pure and are being rewarded. Now tell us your wish and pay five dollars and we will grant it. If you are unhappy come again and for another fee we will undo or grant another wish. Long as you have money we will grant wishes. Oh and money you make via wishes won't appear here. No matter what you wish for once in this shop you return to normal. Now make a wish, we won't judge."

  1. Jim wishes for a age based super power
  2. Jim wishes that Sharon his girl friend would do whatever he says
  3. Jim wishes to be rich and famous
  4. Jim wishes that he was girl
  5. SE

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