Jimmy Go Home

Infinite AR - Episode 15193

"Jim!" he heard from across the room, "Don't go running off like that again! Do you know what mom would do to me if she found out I lost you?"

It was Jim's sister. He couldn't believe it, she thought he was always like this. She grabbed his wrist.

"Come on, Jimmy," she said, "let's get you home."

Jim knew that if he left now he'd never have a chance to come back here. He didn't want tobe stuck like this for one more minute, let alone the rest of his life. He tried to say something, but all that came out was, "Mma-mmuh-meeeeruhs."

"We've got those at home, Jimmy, if you want to look in a mirror so badly, you can do it in the bathroom, where it's safe. Now come on."

Jim tried to struggle, fighting to consciously make every muscle in his body move, but it was useless. He could barely even speak.

"Come on, Jim, you have to come home. Come on!"


But it was no use, and he knew it. He was dragged up the stairs, fighting as best he could, but it wasn't much. His heart sank as he was led out the front door and dow the driveway to his sister's car. She opened the back door and buckled him in, before shutting it again. Jim tried the handle, but it was useless. She had put the child-lock on.

His sister opened the driver door, and got in. "Oh, God!" she said, holding her nose, "What is that sm-" she stopped, looked at Jim, and sighed. He felt the diaper at his waist turn soggy and coukd smell the pungent odor. The engine started, and Jim was carried to his new life.

It was over. There was no hope from here. Jim was doomed to spend the rest of his days as a miserable, pants-pissing, retard. No one would ever know that inside his head he was anything other than that.

It was hard, at first; at the age of seventeen, all his hopes and dreams for the future had been lost, replaced by a life-long dependancy upon others. His only choice was to let go of his pride in order to keep his sanity. Jim slowly chose to accept his fate, and become what everyone thought he was. And so, through all the feedings, and the changings he went through over the years, he simply stopped fighting it.

  1. The End

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