Jim the retard

Infinite AR - Episode 15191

Jim looked at the first mirror he saw. The reason this one caught his attention was because it didn't seem to quite follow his movements. He tried to touch his nose. He could touch his nose, but the reflection couldn't seem to manage it that fast at all. His reflection was definitely wearing his same clothes. As the reflection went to touch his own nose, he first poked himself in the eye and eventually made his finger into his nose instead of over top of it. This seemed fun. He next wanted to see if he could get the reflection to touch his own belly button. He lifted up his shirt and went to touch his belly button. His reflection just rubbed his belly with a loose uncontrollable hand. Jim looked at the reflection and noticed with his shirt up slightly his reflection was wearing a crinkly diaper. Jim then realized how his reflection was acting. Like it didn't have much control, like some kind of retard. Someone so retarded he could never understand potty training. as he looked in the mirror he then noticed the plaque on the wall behind him and as he stared at it. He thought he might actually be able to read it. After awhile he gave up. He tried to take a step backwards but as he did he fell, it didn't hurt as bad as he thought it would. He stared back at the mirror, however this time the reflection had actually taken a step back, and was still standing. This seemed wierd and strange. Jim went grab to his earlobe to see if he could get the strange reflection in the mirror to do the same thing. This time the reflection seemed to do it with the right hand and right ear and did it perfectly. Jim was puzzled though he at first couldn't reach with the same hand, and then once he thought he figured that out, still couldn't find his earlobe. Puzzled he realized something he tried to stand back up, as he was finally able to do so he didn't seem to quite have the same balance he used to. Something felt different around his waistline though. He lifted his shirt revealing his belly, and not the waistline of his boxers but instead the diaper. Looking at the mirror he was shocked to see that his own reflection had appeared to have stolen his boxers. His reflection was wearing boxers now but he was stuck in a diaper

  1. His mother comes in to grab his hand and lead him home
  2. His younger sister comes in to lead him home
  3. Jim wanders around more to some different mirrors
  4. Jim tries to change back in the same mirror.

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