Adventures in the TARDIS

Infinite AR - Episode 15000

Sitting smack dab in the middle of the mall was a strange blue box about the size of a phone booth - and in fact, it kinda looked like one. Across the top was a sign which read "Police Public Call Box" and on the front, a very old-fashioned telephone was mounted to the wall of the box. Jim noticed that the door to the box was slightly ajar, so he cautiously peered inside, only to realize with a tremendous shock, that the blue box was bigger on the inside than the outside! In his astonishment, he leaned on the door too hard and fell inside. The box, which seemed to be only five feet across from the outside, contained a massive chamber within it that must have spanned seventy feet from wall to wall, and arched into the air as much as two stories straight up. In front of him and in the middle of this impossible room was a circular control panel around a large transparent column, glowing with a strange blue energy. Jim climbed to his feet and looked around the strange room, but just as he was about to leave, the door suddenly swung open again and a strange man wearing the most outlandish scarf he'd ever seen walked in and stopped short. "Who are you?" he demanded in a British accent. "Uh... I'm Jim," Jim replied. "Who are you? What is this place?" "I am the Doctor," the strange man answered, "and this is my TARDIS. It stands for Time and Relative Dimensions in Space. Simply put, it is a time machine." "A time... machine? Now that's impossible!" Jim retorted. "Impossible! Hah! I'll show YOU impossible!" the Doctor exclaimed, and slammed the door shut behind him. He strode over to the control panel Jim had seen before, and began spinning dials, pumping levers, and pressing buttons, seemingly at random. When one bit began to vibrate loudly, he even pulled out a hammer and whacked it a few times. "There we are! Now, Jim... where would you like to go?"

  1. Forward in time.
  2. Backwards in time.
  3. To another planet.
  4. Into another reality.
  5. Something completely unexpected!

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