Jim get an explanation and decides what to become

Infinite AR - Episode 14781

The store owner says that he doesnt know how to explain it but what ever costume a customer puts on event in there life push them to it like if you dressed up as a ninja you wouldnt automatically become a ninja . You would in your life get an offer to become a ninja if you refused you would get abducted but still be trained to be a ninja seen it before. Jim thought to himself and asked if I put a baby costume on how would I become a baby The store owner said I have no idea but then you will become a baby or something close to that. Jim said ok and looked around Jim then chose

  1. Jim chose a baby costume.
  2. Jime chose a girl costume
  3. Jim chose a zombie costume
  4. Jim chose a gay guy costume
  5. SE
  6. nhYiHeEBATk

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