mommy's kids

Infinite AR - Episode 14685

"mommy what are you doing" clarie said. clarie's mom turned her head smiling "taking my girl home" she said. "leave jim out of this" claire shouted. "inside voice claire" she said. clarie mom turn and looked at jim. "you got him into this. i just hit you with my aura and change your clothing and created a car seat in the back knowing he would go for help" she said smiling. "you look super cute too" clarie mom said. "jim was going to drive off but i worked my magic and now he's your little brother" as she said putting a dummy in jims mouth. he sucked on it and fell asleep. "dont do this mom it wrong too" claire said. "whats wrong is you running" claire's mom said as her eyes flash red for a sec and voice raised. she regained her cool she drove off down the round singing goodbye moon.

  1. they drove to her house
  2. drove to a cabin in the woods
  3. car crash
  4. more
  5. jim wakes up from his acid trip

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black nerd

12/9/2012 7:01:37 PM

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