Mommy's Here

Infinite AR - Episode 14624

Jim was about to floor it to get some help for the 21-year old girl who was now sitting in a car seat sucking her thumb dressed like a toddler, but he was forced to slam on the brakes instead as a fit blonde woman in a running outfit stepped into the middle of the driveway blocking the car in. Jim was more than a little annoyed and he hit the horn angrily. This woman was in his way and this was an emergency!

"Mommy!" came Claire's muffled squeal from the back seat, not bothering to remove her thumb as she called out.

Jim was confused by this development. The woman appeared to be about 30, not old enough to be Claire's mom. The fit blonde didn't budge from her spot as Jim honked, she just stared straight at him. It was then that Jim felt the cool air on his tummy. Jim looked down to find to his astonishment that he was dressed in just a plain white disposable diaper. His shirt, pants and shoes were gone in an instant.

Jim removed his hand from the horn, feeling his smooth hairless chest. It hadn't been like that since before puberty! Jim was suddenly overwhelmed by the urge to hit the horn again and he was delighted by the loud noise it produced. A smile began to form on his face as he briefly forgot his situation and was amused by the big noise he was making.

Jim released the horn and shook his head. That was a dumb thing to do, honking the horn just to enjoy the sound. What a silly little kid thing to do. Jim needed to focus on getting Claire out of here. Ignoring the woman before him Jim turned to tell Claire to hold on, he was taking this car off-road. But as he turned something beside the young woman caught his eye. It was a second car seat, also oversized as if for an adult. Jim looked worriedly at Claire. She was swinging her long bare legs back and forth now, pounding her feet on the back of the passenger seat, still sucking eagerly on her thumb. "Hold on sweetie," Jim told her.

Jim turned back to face front and went to put the car in gear again. But the woman was gone! She wasn't in front of the car anymore, there was only empty driveway. Jim breathed a sigh of relief and then he felt the breeze as his door suddenly opened. Before he could even turn to see her he felt the hand on his head. It was the soft thin hand of a woman, cupping the back of his head. The fingers were very warm, as though she'd been holding a hot coffee mug for awhile. The warmth seemed to radiate from her fingers into his skull, spreading thru his head. Jim felt a warm release of his own down below as the warm blanket of simplicity smothered his thoughts.

With her free hand she leaned forward and turned the car off, removing the keys from the ignition. Jim watched the her do this and made no effort to stop her, no attempt to struggle or escape. Rather than pocket them, she held Jim's keys tantalizingly in front of his face and jingled them as though taunting him to try and take them and get away. Jim reached out, entranced by the shiny pretties and the cocophany of noise they made. Big pretty lady let him take them. Jim looked at her for reassurance. She gave him a brilliant smile and nodded. Jim put the shiny pretties in his mouth and gnawed at the metal curiously. Mommy watched him a moment then nodded and removed her hand from his head, satisfied.

A few moments later Jim, still dressed in nothing but a slightly wet droopy white diaper, was strapped in the carseat beside Claire, mouthing and shaking a set of shiny oversized plastic keys mommy had given him to relace his old ones. Jim liked the new ones much better anyway, at least he was quite smiley. The moment mommy's fingers had brushed through his hair Jim had become nothing more than her little baby boy, Claire's little brother.

  1. They get physically regressed
  2. Jim Regains His Mind
  3. Claire Regains Her Mind
  4. There is a rescue attempt

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