Katie's the Lady

Infinite AR - Episode 1462

Katie aimed it at herself, adjusted the dial, and fired. "Woah," she said as she sat down in a nearby computer desk chair,"I feel a little woozy." As she gazed across the room into a mirror, she noticed her appearance had changed. "Katie, you're getting older," he replied. "Quick grasp of the obvious little brother," she answered as her breasts finished inflating as the age process stopped at 21. "Thanks bro. Now I think I'll...

  1. make you older too
  2. make you younger
  3. turn you into a girl the same age to party with
  4. turn you into a baby so mom won't feel so lonely
  5. make you an older and more experienced woman to show me the ropes

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12/17/2005 6:35:36 PM

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