High and not so mighty sister

Infinite AR - Episode 14520

Jim after spending several hours, finally perfected the perfect reality changing device. He thought of several things and people to test it on and decided to hunt his sister down at the breakfast table. As he entered the kitchen, he pointed the device at Katie, his younger sister who was eating some bacon and eggs and fired. Everything around froze as he mentioned "I wish Katie was sitting in a high chair being fed by mom her baby cereal, waiting to go to another wonderful day of preschool." Afterwards time unfroze and he saw Kate sitting in her high chair being fed by her mom. Jim asked his mom "Mom, don't you think Katie's too old to be fed in a high chair?" His mother's response was" No, I've been feeding her for 13 years, what's another couple of years for me, besides, she's in preschool!" Jim just shook his head and placed the gun down so that he could eat his own breakfast.

  1. Follow Jim
  2. Follow Katie
  3. Follow Mom
  4. Katie gets the device
  5. Mom gets the device
  6. Jims little brother gets the deives

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9/18/2009 9:32:11 PM

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