Jim and Marco Begin To Shrink

Infinite AR - Episode 1452

As the gun goes off, hitting both boys, they immediately begin to regress. Luckily for the fifteen-year-old Jim, he has quite a bit more to lose than Marco who becomes almost immediately too weak to fight with the bigger boy. Jim is soon no longer a teenager as he reaches age ten with no end to the regression in sight as he becomes a full head shorter than just a few moments ago.

Marco, though, is barely half his original size, if that. Trying once more vainly to grab the gun, Marco slips and falls to his rump and appears to give up, beginning to cry as his body becomes smaller and pudgier. His face is now quite round and his hair has lightened quite a bit in color and thickness as it recedes into his scalp. A long way from his fourth-grader swagger, he is now barely four and still regressing quickly.

Jim's regression doesn't seem to be stopping either, reaching eight years old and barely 5 feet tall now. The other unaffected elementary school kids now seemed like a huge threat to Jim as they slowly but surely became his equal in size. Jim began to feel extremely paranoid, and was still getting younger.

Meanwhile, the former ringleader Marco appeared to be re-entering toddlerhood as he reached age three. The regression seemed to be taking a toll mentally on him as his brain became less developed. He laid on the floor sucking his thumb and sulking sullenly. Jack, who had held the gun to Jim's face before, was trying to keep the shrinking Marco talking as he shrank, but Marco seemed unable to hold a real conversation any longer, his attention span being almost non-existent and his vocabulary disappearing second by second and replaced with toddler's mewling.

A now seven-year-old and still regressing Jim realized suddenly that this situation was not going to work out well for him unless he took some initiative quickly...

  1. Jim pre-emptively regresses all the other children to infants
  2. Jim's parents, now middle-schoolers, enter and take charge of the younger children
  3. Jim chooses to join and help the remaining children while looking for Kati
  4. Jim fires the gun at Marco again until Marco disappears completely
  5. Jim is overpowered by the children and regressed to a newborn

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