A Mother's Dream Come True

Infinite AR - Episode 14365

"Of course I can help you sweetie..." Jim's mother said, and pointed the gun at her daughter. Katie's eyes popped out and she dropped a half-eaten croissant roll from her hands. A green lightning beam came from the device, hitting Katie, who was engulfed in a green glow, her shrinking form barely visible. Katie was now an infant, dressed in just a pink onesie and a diaper. She began to cry and the new toddler and baby's mother picked her up and put a binkie in her mouth.

"Ha ha! I can't believe it...I finally have my babies back!" Bridget squealed.

"Mama...What are you talking about?" Jim started backing away from his mother and out of the kitchen. Bridget shot Jim, who suddenly had a blank look on his face. He turned around to face his mother. "Mama, when are we going to have lunch?" "Soon, dear, first I have to feed the baby and make a phone call." She made a small nest of blankets on the couch and placed Katie, eyes still bulging out as her mind was still intact.

Bridget walked to the phone and dialed a number. "Hello, Sharon?"

  1. Can you give the phone to your mother?
  2. Can you come over, I have a surprise.
  3. Can you baby-sit?
  4. SE

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8/23/2009 10:01:17 PM

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