Having her Children Back

Infinite AR - Episode 14362

"Mom, what are you doing" Katie asked, seeing that her Mom was pointing the age gun at her.

"Well honey, I can't have Jim here be the only child of the family. Also, since you're his younger sister, it makes sense that you should be younger than him as well. Finally, I want my little girl back as well" Jim's Mom said, flashing a smile

"But Mom!" Katie said, putting down the crescent roll. "I made Jim younger for you. Is this how you say thanks?"

"I am thankful sweetie, but I just can't have you be an adult as well. Now let's see, Jim is four now. That means I'm going to have to make you two years old" Jim's Mom said, shooting the age ray at Katie

Katie all of a sudden went from a smoking, hot adult woman into a cute, blonde haired toddler. Swimming in her clothes, Katie could only start crying. Jim just wondered what would happen next.

  1. Jim and Katie get a Bath
  2. Jim and Katie get dressed
  3. The ray malfunctions on Jim's Mom
  4. Jim's Mom regresses Jim and Katie some more

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3/23/2012 2:03:31 PM

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