Time for a Change

Infinite AR - Episode 142630

Camden than began to push and very slow the back of Camden's diaper started to fill when it was over Camden had completely filled his diaper Camden decided to have some fun during his change so he began to cry out and after a few minutes Camden saw the door open revealing his grandfather Adam who walked over to the crib and said "what's wrong little one.... oh i see not feeling so fresh huh let's fix that" Adam picked up Camden and placed him on the changing table Camden quickly began to squirm around almost comiedically and Adam thought it was down right adorable but with amazing skill Adam was able to change Camden despite Camden's constant interference Camden was a little annoyed that he couldn't make his grandfather the least bit angry but it was fun to just squirm around like mad Adam than diapered up his Grandson and said "ok silly boy all clean now let's get you into some nice clothes Adam walked over to the wardrobe and grabbed a cute outfit it was a blue bear onesie with a hoodie Camden smiled at the outfit once Camden was dressed Camden's father called for dinner Adam than picked up Camden and took him downstairs Camden was bouncing on his grand father's hip happily sucking on his paci Camden was taken into the kitchen and was placed in a high chair and was snuggly buckled in than the tray was put in Camden happily clapped his hands excitedly Camden than saw his Dad his oldest brother Kent and his younger brother Kamerin Camden's Dad than put dinner on the table it was chicken breasts with rice and as for Camden's dinner it was a bowl of baby food but it was big enough to fill up Camden who was a little salty about having just baby food so Camden pouted and crossed his arms Camden's Dad looked over at his son and said "what's wrong Camden do you not like your food?" "Camden's been acting out a lot today" Kent Said Camden's Dad smiled softly and grabbed a spoon and tried feeding Camden who was very stubborn but one way or another Camden ended up eating the bowl of baby food that actually tasted very good to Camden's delight

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