Ginny Weasley Gets Diapered

Infinite AR - Episode 142589

When Ginny woke up she noticed something strange between her legs "what the?" Ginny said as she pulled her night gown up to reveal a diaper. "Oh you're awake," Molly asked as she looked at Ginny. "Mom did you do this," Ginny said angrily as she looked at her mom then back to the diaper. "Yes dear it was the only way to stop you from wetting the bed," she said as she pointed to the wet spot on Ginny's diaper. "Now get dressed we're going to get you your school supplies" she said as she left, Ginny removed the wet diaper and showered then she got dressed and left. But instead of going to Diagon Alley, they went to Babies R us. " Mom? What are we doing here?" Ginny asked. Molly didn't respond. They stood outside for a few minutes then Harry and Hermione walked up to them. " Hi dears. Can you please step over here for a second?" Molly said. They went a little further down the shop entrance and started talking but Ginny couldn't hear. Then Molly pulled a piece of paper from her bag and a quill with ink. Ginny saw Molly write something on it then she handed it to Harry and he and Hermione wrote something too. Once they finished they came back over. " Goodbye Ginny dear!" Molly said while waving to her. " OK Ginny let's go in." Harry said. They walked in and started shopping. They grabbed a crib, pacifiers, bottles, bibs, diapers, wipes, diaper bag, powder, some clothes and toys. "Why do I need all this stuff?" she asked Hermione and she answered: " "Because your are now a baby" "Wh... What are you saying, I'm not a baby" protested Ginny "Really? Then why are you wearing diapers and wetting them just like a little baby would do?" "It is just by night, I don't wet myself during the day !" But at the time she said that, she felt like she was wearing a diaper. . Once they got to number 12 Grimmauld Place, Harry led Ginny to a room and put everything magically in place. He put Ginny into the crib and spelled it so that the inhabitant cannot get out. "Ok Ginny. I am now your legal Daddy. Hermione is your Mommy. Ron is now your Uncle and Lavender is now your aunt. Your ex-parents are now your grandparents. Goodnight!" Harry said leaving the room. " What is happening to me? " Ginny said once the door was closed. She pulled a book from her bag that she was still carrying and started to read with the help of her wand. She read until she fell asleep.

  1. Ginny's new life

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