Loss of dignity

Infinite AR - Episode 14191

"Now listen to me very closely Candice." Candice simply nodded her head and gave him a blank stare. "When you leave this building, you will have no memory of any of this, one on what I am about to tell you. From now on, you will continue to wear my diapers, the thickest brand of them all. Also, you will no longer be allowed to wear pants to cover them up. Only skirts and only the short ones, the ones that do nothing to cover your "choice" of undergarments. And, from now on, whenever you feel the need to have a bowel movement, you must do so right there, no matter how pulic the location is or how many people are around. Actually, the more public area you are in, the greater the need to relieve yourself will become. During all this, a feeling of humilation will always be with you no matter what you do. Lastly, if for any reason you break these rules, you will find yourself slowly become mentally younger, until you are nothing but an infant trapped in a womans' body. Understand?" Candice just once agai nodded her head. "Good. Now, go to your locker and put on the uniform left for you. Once that is done, you are to leave this building and never come back."

"Okey Dokey!" With that, she ran from the room, ready to carry out her final orders. With that taken care of, the manager set off towards his office to give his new employee his assignment. Who will you follow?

  1. Follow the Manager to see Jim get his assignment
  2. Follow Candice as she prepares to leave
  3. Return to the beginning

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