Jim's mom has got it going on

Infinite AR - Episode 13857

First she fired the gun at herself to make her a few years older, as she became 20 again she grew a few inches, her breasts became a cup size larger and her hips widened, even though her waist hadn't changed, it had a thinner appearence because of the other changes, She then zapped herself to improve her hair, It became lighter, but not quite blonde, and became more volumous and longer, so it came to her mid- back. finally, she used the gun to increase her curves, her breasts went from a C to a stunning E bursting the buttons on her blouse, and her hips widened some more, causing her panties to snap. After that... finally, she u

  1. She decided to use the gun to give her clothing
  2. Used the gun on Jim
  3. Accidentally hit herself with the gun
  4. Jim's sister entered the room

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6/12/2009 8:41:01 AM

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