Claire the Big Toddler: Part 1

Infinite AR - Episode 13789

Suddently, Claire's clothes begin to transform into a toddler-styled outfit. Her shirt disappeared, leaving her boobs hanging out, and her panties grew puffer into a big adult-sized Pampers while her pants began to turn into a pink overall-onesie with little bunnies decorated on it. Jim, shocked by his girlfriend's transformation, said, "Claire, are you okay?" Claire, with now fewer teeth in her gums, shouted, "Hi, Daddy!" "Daddy? What are you talking?" "Wanna play dollies? My mommy gots me a new dolly!" The "mommy" thing that she said perked Jim's interest. Jim said, "Who's your mommy? And how are you?" "Silly daddy! I'm thwee year old! Mommy said I'm almost weady to use the potty!" This all too much for Jim to deal with. His girlfriend was acting a big toddler, thanks to her "mommy". Thinking quickly, he put on his coat, grabbed Claire and walked out the door. Outside, Jim brought Claire outside to the garage when he stopped at a thought. Since Claire was acting like a toddler, people would be weirded- out at the fact that a 21-year-old grown woman was acting like a 3-year- old. When Jim opened his car door, he noticed that a big purple car-seat was now strapped in the backseat. As much he was confused, he quickly strapped Claire in the car-seat, got in himself and drove off for help.

  1. Jim heads for the hospital
  2. Jim heads to his house
  3. Claire's "mommy" appears in the driveway

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9/24/2009 11:08:19 PM

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