Changing Teen Sharon's Diapers

Infinite AR - Episode 13444

Jim grabs some baby powder, diapers, lotion, and baby oil, setting them on the change table. Next, he grabs his half naked girlfriend and lays her on the table, strapping her down. Sharon begins to suck her thumb and sigh contentedly, as Jim wipes down her bald crotch. Soon, she is moaning with delight at his menstruations. Next, he lifts her legs, and begins oiling up in her back passage. Then comes the lotion, all over her lovely, round, bottom. By this time, Jim is aching with desire. Next, he coats her with baby powder, front and back.

As Jim slips the diaper under her bottom, he wonders if he should take advantage of this rare opportunity and bang her brains out, or will he behave and tape up her diaper?

  1. Behave-Diaper Her Up Nice and Snug
  2. Go For It!

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3/2/2016 2:12:34 PM

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