A Filthy Moan

Infinite AR - Episode 133143

Ashly blushed as a wave of arousal flushed through her body. She was feeling horny but she knew it wasn't the time for this, yet she had stopped struggling. By now, the mud already consumed her breasts, the weight of all she was wearing bringing her down at a constant rate. If she didn't get out now she was going to go under in the next minute or two. But once again, another pang of arousal rushed through her. Was she getting off on this? No way, yet she couldn't help but gyrate her hips in a false struggle. She moaned softly as she grinded her butt against her huge poop load, feeling it squish and squelch all over her ass. Without even thinking she shoved a hand down into the mud reaching for her crotch. She pressed a hand against the fecal bulge, moaning as she pressed her shit against her pussy. She rubbed it in, the pleasure causing her to squirm and cry out as she fucked herself with her shit. All the while she continued sinking, her pretty neck now the center of the mud's grasp. It was getting harder to breathe; she grew lightheaded which furthered her horny state -- all decision-making was gone except for the need to pleasure herself. As her chin touched the surface and mud slowly covered her ears, Ashly let out a loud climactic moan as she came. She shit herself a little more - one more mushy log spurted quickly from her butt. Her body shuddered violently beneath the surface, forcing her quickly under. Her moans were cut off as dirty mud poured down her throat. Wide-eyed, her nose dipped beneath the surface. Muddy bubbles popped on the surface as Ashly fully sank under the mud. Locks of her hair remained on the surface before sinking under as well. Her remaining arm hung limply on the surface, her orgasm leaving her no strength in her body, slowly sinking into mud. What now?

  1. The End
  2. Someone arrives to rescue Ashly
  3. Something else happens

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