Ashly Poops Herself in Quicksand

Infinite AR - Episode 133139

Ashly's predicament grew worse as she sank deeper in the smothering mud, her bulging ass having been swallowed by the quick-mud. The thick mud packed her messy load tightly against her butt. As her stomach sank below the ground, the mud squeezed her stomach forcing her bowels to move again. Ashly was too focused on trying to get out of the mud that she didn't even try to hold in her shit. As she clawed at the mud a soft, thick log of shit pushed past her anus and into the pile of shit lodged in her pants. One mushy turd after another spilled out of her butt, the mess growing bigger and bigger as Ashly sank deeper and deeper, up to her breasts in the sucking mud. She gasped as one last burst of shit forced her load up the front, engulfing her pussy with a bulging three-inch layer of shit.

  1. Ashly aroused gets herself off from sinking and shitting
  2. Ashly sinks even deeper
  3. Ashly shits even more
  4. Zora arrives to finish her off

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10/2/2020 5:26:38 PM

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