Another day in the Nursery being the diaper pail

Infinite AR - Episode 132668

When it dawned, Jim's mother went to dress up for work and get Ruby AND Jim ready for daycare, not without first including a pair of heavily loaded diapers from Ruby and herself.

Jim could not believe what had happened yesterday and neither that today he was going to repeat it again, or rather, he was going to continue, because his diaper was still filled with dozens of other diapers from Ruby and other children from the nursery. When Ruby arrived, she ran to play with her friends (and to escape the almost unbearable smell of Jim's diapers) but Jim was forced to crawl, his diaper was so big that he could not walk. The nursery girls picked him up very happy and said goodbye to Jim's mother with a smile on her face.

"I see you accepted our job offer Jimy" said one of the ladies. "Knowing Mom this was probably my best option ..." Jim replied. The lady laughed at Jim's comment as she led him to a room and asked him to sit down, Jim listened to him and the girls were surprised and laughed to see that Jim could perfectly sit on his diaper as if this were some kind of diaper. chair or stool.

Jim looked at them and somewhat annoyed and embarrassed asked "and now what?" At that moment the girls looked at Jim and then looked at each other maliciously, one left the room and the other took out of a drawer a pink shirt with the words "Diaper Pail" embroidered on it "this will be your uniform" said the girl, Jim I tried to protest but just when I was about to say something I just sighed in resignation, Jim put on the shirt the other girl came back with a bag full of dirty diapers. "Wait, there are already so many, if they just opened ... right?" Jim asked dismayed the girl laughed and said "these are the diapers for the afternoon shift, and by the way, I don't know if your mommy told you, but you'll be here until closing time" Jim just gulped and tried to help the girls to put them all in their diaper. When they finished Jim could hardly move due to the enormous weight of his diapers, and the smell was getting worse, the girls on his side were laughing and taking pictures which made poor Jim more ashamed. Then a few minutes after they left someone opened the door, it was the nursery girls who quickly stepped aside showing all the nursery children looking surprised (and some happy) at Jim. "Come kids, here is Jim, from now on he is going to be with us every day as our new bucket of diapers" said one of the girls happy with a voice like an announcer or narrator, the children laughed when they saw Jim, a young adult, with a pink T-shirt and above all a huge diaper filled with other diapers. Jim almost began to cry with shame, and all he could do was look down and try to uselessly cover his diaper with his hands.

this is going to be a very long day, Jim penzo to himself

  1. They put wet diapers in the "diaper pail"
  2. They put messy diapers in the "diaper pail"
  3. Henry comes over to Play with Jim
  4. Several children approach to annoy him
  5. The ladies of the nursery reveal that they also wear diapers and need a change
  6. Nice story Neko7Chan

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