Mega mess

Infinite AR - Episode 130470

She made him sit there when he was done, and walked away. Jim groaned and squirmed trying to relive any pressure, but he couldn’t. He never should’ve taken that video. His ass gurgled loudly as he felt everything in him shift downward. The woman came back with a yoga mat. “ alright little boy. I’m going to put this on the floor. You are going to sit on it and spread your legs apart into a split with your butt facing the camera.” She demanded and laid the mat out. Jim wanted to be able to poop, so there was no hesitation in doing so. He sat with a squish and a groan. His pull up was on full display from behind the thin tight cloth of the fishnets. “Now push all your poopy from before up front, so that everyone can see when your new one comes in” she directed. Jim went to push with his hands, but he was stopped. “No no no. Don’t use your hands, or else” he whimpered but slowly lifted his ass and started mushing it down and rubbing it backwards so that the poop in it would go forwards. Each time his ass throbbed, causing him to whine. It took him a while of the mash slide, but eventually all his previous mess was accommodated in the front. It bulged out a few inches. The woman then opened the back of his pull up. “You get any mess on my hands little boy and your sitting in this pull up for a week.” She threatened as she started to tug on the plug. Jim groaned with relief as it slid out, just barley managing to hold his mess in as she took her hand out. The second it was though. An immediate pressure relief happened as firm lumpy mudslide poured into the back. He didn’t even push. It got chunkier a minute in, the back bulging out several inches now, trying to find more room. It eventually found its way under him, lifting him off the ground by a few inches there too. He shuddered as it went from chunky to a thick slime consistency that really packed the pull up. It pushed against the fishnets on the outside, the strings getting sunken in creating little squares in the back. He grunted softly and the slime poop made it to the front, the whole pull up horribly sagging. It the consistency changed one last time, changing to large balls of muck. They slid down the back so obviously, and the leg holes oozed just a bit.

  1. Jim goes home
  2. The woman keeps him
  3. Jim passes out

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