Slime bottle

Infinite AR - Episode 130464

A baby bottle full of a bright green slime looking stuff. She held it up for the viewers. “ this here is an edible slime, it expands in the belly and is utterly packed with fiber, which will make his poop bulky and very easy to see filling his pamps up. This will be the last thing he eats before he messes himself.” Jim whimpered and looked at it as it was brought up to his mouth. “ please I don’t wanna drink it” the woman smiled and popped it in his mouth. “ of course you do. You love making big poopies, don’t you. Ones that take all my viewers away.” She looked at her viewer count. 10,000! She never had this much before. “ mmm. If that number keeps growing we are definitely going to have to keep you here.” She said rubbing his gut. He was half done and his belly bubbled loudly, the slime inside expanding and pushing his belly out. On top of that, he could feel his bowels churning and gurgling, not a pleasant feeling.

  1. Mess time

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7/28/2020 12:39:30 PM

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