Switch up

Infinite AR - Episode 129679

After making her stinky and shoving poop into jims diaper, jims mom got up, upset her diaper wouldn’t hold anymore. Jim gasped for fresh air and watched as his mom started taking her diaper off. “What are you doing mom” he said worried. His mom giggled. “No more room for stinkys. Which means we have to switch diapers Jim. Give mommy your diaper Jimmy.” She said as she was already undoing his diaper. He squirmed. “I don’t wanna wear your diaper mom” but it fell on deaf ears. Jim found himself shuddering as the utterly soiled diaper was forced on him, poop leaking out the sides. His mom put on the much cleaner diaper, wiggling her ass as the back got stuck between her cheeks like a thick thong.

  1. Jims mom puts another diaper on him
  2. Jims mom sits on his face again
  3. Someone walks in
  4. Jim runs away

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8/18/2020 1:36:10 PM

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