Infinite AR - Episode 129671

As jim had given up any weak struggles he heard a muffled sound coming from above him. His mom giggled, briefly getting up slightly. Jim took the chance to get fresh air, despite the onsie drooping right above his nose. She essentially gave herself a wedgie, pulling her diaper and onsie forcefully up between her ass cheeks. She wiggled her ass slightly as she pushed it up. Once again jim heard the muffled sound. It was his mom farting loudly beneath all the poop. Her farts powerful enough to push some mess out of its way to finnally un muffle the sound. A loud BLLLLAAART, sounded. Jim tried moving, but she held him down with her other hand. “I have to make another stinky jimmy, don’t you wanna smell it?” She asked. Jim shook his head “no please it smells so bad” he pleaded. Mom wasn’t having it though. “It’s called a stinky for a reason jimmy, of course you wanna smell it.” She spread her cheeks and sat back down on his face, trapping his head between her ass cheeks. She wiggled and burrows his head in fully to the point that it looked like she was sitting on the ground from behinds. Giggling softly she pushed, and another round of complete mess poured out of her. Jims head was slowly surrounded by the onsie and diaper as they were filled, pushing past him. Soon the onsie couldn’t hold more mess, leaking down the sides of her legs. She scooped up any that leaked out, and put it down the front of jims diaper.

  1. Jim dies of suffocation
  2. Jim gets analy vored
  3. Mom stands up, jim is stuck in between her ass
  4. Jim manages to escape
  5. Mom demands they switch diapers

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