Moms mega mess

Infinite AR - Episode 129581

The bottle Jims mom was drinking was her own speacil blend. In it was plenty of fiber to help digest quickly and thicken her poop up, laxatives to help speed up the process but also so the fiber wouldn’t completely constapate her. Her own breast milk and some regular milk mixed together in the bottle gave her the shits, thick smelly large ones. She had full intentions to drink the whole bottle, and to get her diaper as full as she could. She slowly sucked it down, her gut rumbling softly as pressure started to build up in her bowels. She let out a loud fart, knowing for a fact it reaked. When she finished her bottle off she got on all fours, holding her ass so she wouldn’t mess yet, though it was getting hard to hold. Loud rippling farts escaped in warning as her ass started to gurgle, and diaper jim knew he was done for. When mommy let go, thick lumpy swampy poop rushes out, going to the front of Jims diaper body. It started to sag heavily as it piled up, her ass not stopping as the middle then filled completely bulged out. Then the back fully filled in, the sloppy diaper that was jim is completely brown and lumpy, stretched and barely holding together as his mom pushed and grunted, poop now over flowing on the sides and top, her onsie staining. Yet she did not stop, not until her onsie itself was bulging with her poop and threatening to bust on the bed with only the buttons on the crotch holding it together. And at that point, jims mom slowly got off the bed, went over to a hard wooden chair, and sat in it. Her giant mess stewing beneath her as she rubbed her ass back and forth on the chair. Squishing and squelching sounded along with a very weak crinkle, the diaper that was jim smothered in poop, barely recognizable. And yet, she wasn’t done either, more pressure building once more. She giggled and looked at her ass, grunting and watching a large lump bulge out the back roughly the size of a football. It stood out from the rest of her mess, such a big bulge, and she pushed out three more. She mushed her hand into them, squeezing them.

  1. Jim the diaper is dead from the amount of poop
  2. Jim the diaper is still barely hanging onto life
  3. Jim turns back to normal, sitting on his moms lap
  4. Jim turns back to normal, but he’s wearing his moms outfit
  5. Jim turns back to normal, but Jims mom is sitting on his lap

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