Jim uninvents the device

Infinite AR - Episode 12830

Jim hoped he could fix the device and that time was only effecting the clock but he was wrong. At first he thought he was actually fixing the clock but he was merely unbreaking it and then slowly taking it apart as he was now univenting the only thing that would fix time.

.sdrawkcab gniog no peek lliw emiT .detnevin neeb sah ecived ehT .od ot tfel gnihton si ereht,on oH (Oh no, there is nothing left to do. The device has been uninvented. Time will keep on going backwards) said Jim which he realize now whatever he said came out backwards.

Thats when...

  1. Jim's brand new day (in reverse)
  2. we jump back a while back
  3. Jim tries to committe suicide
  4. Jim goes crazy

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3/24/2009 3:55:24 PM

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