Girl Today, Boy Tomorrow

Infinite AR - Episode 12709

But then, Rachel's pull-up suddenly got very warm. She pulled her dress up and looked down at the blue pull-up in just enough time to see the stars on the crotch fade from existence. Lindsey looked down at the pull-up too, and both of them stared at each other's beaming face for a few seconds.

Rachel's mommy turned back to the two little girls and said, "What's the hold up kiddos... Rachel Marie Anderson! How did you get that pull-up..."

The words were cut off as the world started to spin around Rachel and she closed her eyes. A few seconds passed and she opened her eyes again. Her mommy was turning around to speak.

Her mommy said, "What's the hold up kiddos? Come on Jimmy, Lindsey. I want to get out of here quick."

She turned and started pushing the cart down another aisle. Rachel (now Jimmy) turned his head to Lindsey. Lindsey looked back at him surprised.

"Sounds like you're a boy again, Jimmy. You can thank me later," Lindsey said to him, quietly.

"Thank you so much, Linds," he said.


  1. They leave the store.
  2. The effect ends.

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3/4/2009 3:36:52 AM

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