Jim the weresissy

Infinite AR - Episode 126981

The lady was a were baby! When someone gets a good smell of her poopy diaper bum the person becomes one too. Jim felt his pull up thicken into a large pink diaper, and a frilly dress appeared on him. A pacifier stuck in his mouth. On the diaper it said “Messy making sissy.” Jim now too, is a werebaby. He got up slowly and waddled into his managers office. “Yes?” The manager said before turning around. “Jim! What are you doing!-“ the manager didn’t get a chance to say anything else as jim tackles him down, pressing his butt against the managers face and dropping a load. He giggled as he watched a diaper replace the managers pants and his shirt turn into a frilly dress.

  1. Jim changes more people
  2. Jim gets saved
  3. Jim is forever a werebaby

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5/5/2020 3:16:24 PM

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