Infinite AR - Episode 126599

As jim drank his bottle he didn’t notice himself starting to slip mentally. First went all his thought over holding his bowels and bladder, not knowing how to hold in his messes. Then he started to replace his regular thoughts like his job and getting home with wanting to suck on bottles and be held. Then he started to forget most words, only rembering a few. Lastly, all he really started thinking about is making stinkies in his diaper, and his baba helped him do it. When he was done he giggled and drooled, not noticing as he filled the back of his pull up with a large pile of poop. Mmm stinky

  1. Jim is now the abdl mascot forever, only drinking regression bottles and getting changed once a day
  2. Jim gets saved

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5/2/2020 12:57:27 PM

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