The Odd Antique Store

Infinite AR - Episode 12645

Jim walks into a store he had never previously seen in the mall. It said it carried magical items from all over the world. Once inside, he scanned the store and saw all manner of strange things in aisle upon aisle of shelving. To the right of the entrance was the cash wrap and an old, unkempt man was sitting behind it. "Can I help you, boy?" the old man said, smiling a wicked, toothy smile. "Yea, uh, what kind of things do you sell here? I see that you advertise that your stuff is magical, but that has to be bogus," Jim replied, cautiously. "It is not 'bogus', boy. How about this; If you pick something out, and it's doesn't work, you can get your money back," said the unkempt man. "Ok, I'll go for that. What would you say are your best things?" asked Jim. "Why the stuff I keep up here. The really good stuff. The expensive stuff," the older man was said chuckling to himself while he was talking. "As in?" inquired Jim, trying to prod for more information. "I've many a potion here, that will make your dreams come true, if only for a little while. Statues that can empower you. Or, pendants that will change you. Which one tickles your fancy?" Jim said...

  1. What about the potions?
  2. Empowering Statues?
  3. How about the pendants?
  4. Nah, I'm looking for something else.

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3/2/2009 1:40:44 AM

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