The fight in the park.

Infinite AR - Episode 122

Jim grabs the knife and easily disarms the thugs. One of the thugs takes a swing at Jim. Jim easily blocks it. The short guy charges towards Jim. Jim gives him a quick kick to the gut. Jim Focuses on the one holding the girl. Jim kicks the guy in the leg. Jim pulls the girl out of his arm and held her away from the thugs. He some how managed to fight all three thugs and make sure that neither the girl nor himself were hurt. One of the thugs pulled out a sleep gun and pointed it at Jim. Jim raised his right hand, and said, "Ves fixa." A red beam of energy came out of Jim's hand. It hit the thug before he could even moved. There was a bright flash of light. When the light cleared, the thug was gone. Standing where he had been was a...

  1. baby.
  2. young girl.
  3. young boy.
  4. teenage girl.
  5. teenage bot.

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11/15/2005 12:32:42 AM

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