Horny teenager

Infinite AR - Episode 11974

You are suddenly jolted from the lamp and immediately you notice a change in setting. As you look around you notice things that would usually be in a boy of around 15's room, dirty clothes on the floor, band posters on the wall, sheets a mess. Just then you see your new master. He is a cute boy with blond spiked hair and of a slim build. At best guess you'd place him at around 5'2... small compared to your stature. "Hey Genie!" he shouts at you in a rude demeanor. "You're mine now, and for my first wish I want what every boy my age wants, a sex partner! But first... I don't want someone your age... always been into younger boys myself" he mutters to himself. "Genie, I want you to become a 13 year old cute boy who will be at my every sexual whim" Powerless, you cast the spell. Immediately you feel yourself shrinking, smaller and smaller till you pass him on the way down. You gasp in shock as you notice your much smaller cock and your oversized clothes on the ground. "Sweeeet" he grins as he steps closer

  1. He and you "play"
  2. He uses his second wish
  3. SE

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12/27/2008 12:07:02 AM

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