Sultan (or just the booming voice guy)

Infinite AR - Episode 11965

WAKE UP! boomed the unseen voice. Richard woke up confused in an endless void. Quickly answering back out of fear, he sat up and nervously said in his new voice, what did you do to me?" "I have done nothing, it was the curse upon the clothes that you wear now, i am here to merely explain what you must do now" said the voice. "What do you mean what I must do now?" "You are a genie now and you must receive a master and grant wishes." "WHAT?!?!, are you serious?" "quite so, in fact you are scheduled to meet him right now" "WAIT!!" he screamed desperately but in was no use the voice was gone.

  1. master=roommate
  2. master=himself but with no memory
  3. master=king
  4. master=pimp
  5. master=horny teenage boy

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12/26/2008 4:44:59 AM

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