Potty chair

Infinite AR - Episode 11880

Jamie realized she was sitting on a potty chair. Looking down she saw pink training pants at her ankles, with a picture of Barbie on them. Too scared and confused to move, Jamie just sat on the cold plastic chair hoping something would happen.

Moments later, the lifesize doll walked in through the door. "Okay sweetie," the doll said. "Have you tinkled yet?"

"No," Jamie responded in a high-pitched girl voice. "I don't hafta go!"

"Now, now," the doll said. "If you're going to be an Evergirl you have to be able to go around in public without wetting your pants. That or you have to go back to diapers. And it's a bit odd for a six-year-old to be wearing diapers, now isn't it?"

"But I'm already potty trained!" Jamie cried.

"I think the training pants say otherwise," the doll answered, pointing at the pink garment at Jamie's feet. "Now listen. You are not allowed to leave that potty until you make peepee in it. And I'm going to stay here until you do. Is that clear?"

What does Jamie end up doing?

  1. Jamie "peepees" in the potty
  2. Jamie makes a poop in the potty
  3. Jamie refuses to go and gets put back in diapers
  4. Jamie refuses to go and wets her pants later

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12/2/2008 11:18:54 PM

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