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Infinite AR - Episode 11815

Jim headed into Best Buy, he didn't have anything in particular he was looking forward. Jim was always on the look out for new electronics and was one of those type of folks who was the first to buy the newest gadgets.

As Jim strolled through the store he came across the games sections. He browsed through the games looking to see if some new game was released that he might try. He spotted halfway covered behind a copy of Warcraft a game he had never seen before, "Redo - If ya did it wrong, do it again".

What a weird name for a game Jim thought as he gentley pulled the game from behind the other games. He flipped the game over and began to read the description.

"Ever thought to yourself that you wished you didn't mess up that interview? Or perhaps you wished you had asked Becky Johnson out on that date? Redo allows you to "redo" those events again!! Rated 5 stars by the Louder Regression Group!!"

What a strange game, Jim thought to himself but he wondered how this game worked. The flipped the game back to the front and noticed that the game was only $5.99. Jim headed over to register and bought the strange game.

Jim went about his business in the rest of the mall, then headed home. Later that night he decided to try to load the game and see if this was a very strange sim game or how this game worked.

He waited as the game installed on his laptop. The screen was covered with a progress bar, but pictures oddly enough in cartoon form looked very much like events in his own life. First, a cartoon of his 6th birthday party and then a cartoon of his first bike he got when he was 8 were shown on the screen.

BEEP! The game was installed and then a pop up screen asked him for what event we wanted redo.

  1. Jim's Birth
  2. Jim's First Kiss
  3. when Jim's peed his pants in second grade
  4. when Jim first meet Sharon
  5. Jim's first dance
  6. Redo birth year

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11/27/2008 10:02:06 AM

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