Baby in the mirror

Infinite AR - Episode 11636

Jamie was puzzled. Instead of her reflection, what she saw in the mirror looked like a little baby girl, maybe only a few months old. Why would that be... Suddenly, a wave of dizziness seemed to pass over her. She felt light headed, as her vision started to blur. He legs started to wobble, before she fell back on to her diapered behind with a loud crinkle. For a moment, a blank look played itslef over her face, berfore a smile started to spread across her face. This was soon followed by childish giggling, which she playfully clapped her hands to. She was so happy, that she didn;t notice as a warth spread through the front of her diaper, discolouring it a bright yellow. But that was nothing, as she suddenly stopped clapping, a look of concentration on her face. Her face contorted into a strain expression, before, with a grunt, a huge load was pushed into the seat of her diaper. Once that was done, she just giggled some more as the mess was pushed around in the seat of her diaper She continued to sit there, laughing ad sitting in her own mess, for several minutes, before she noticed the mirror. The image of the baby was still reflecting in its surface, only mimicking her exact movements. With her now infantile mind, all she wanted was to play with that other baby. Geting up on her hands and knees, she started to crawl over to the mirror, the smell of her messy diaper wofting through the air. Once she was close enough, she lifted up her hand and reached otu to the mirror baby. He finger passed right through the mirror, small ripples apearing as it did. With asmile, she crawled upto the mirror and passed right through it, the mirror rippling as she did. Once through the mirror, she saw...

  1. A parellel nursery
  2. She had regressed to fit her mind
  3. It had all been a dream

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11/17/2008 12:47:51 PM

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