Horrible end.

Infinite AR - Episode 11541

The now 3 years old baby Jim sit on the ground in his own pee. He was a baby but he can still think like an adult. He looked up at Katie whose got a wide smile on her face. Jim now that the only way to change himself back is to take the device from Katie. But it was to late becouse she left the room without any sound and left him on the ground. He tried to walk but it was so hard that he falled a lot of time while he reached the door. There he can saw his Mother who was in a shock. "Jim is that YOU? What happend?" She picked him up and Jim tried to say something: "Kat.. Katieee..." "what is was Katie who did this to you?" Than Jim saw Katie behind her mother and he wanted to warn his mother but then he heard something different in his mom's voice. "Katie there you are! Where were you?" Jim was happy that he was now one step closer to his device. "Why are you leaving your little brother alone? It is your job to take care of him while im busy!" Jim can't belive his own ears! "Sorry mom. Let me take care of him. Go do your things!" "I hope you will watch him from now. He is way to young to walk around naked in the house alone!" Than she give Jim to her sister. "You can trust me Mom!" She give him a hug. Jim could breathe hardly becouse of the hug his face was deeply in her sister's huge boobs. "Now mom thinks you are a 3 years old baby. I changed her mind with your pretty machine. Don't worry nobody will search for you! I will always look after you becouse this is what a mature and developed big sister do!" After that she put Jim into crib like thing while he was about to cry. "Oh and one more thing. I think the best way if we keep things like this. We don't want to ruin this perfect situation right? So let's make sure you won't need to do any unnecessary move." And with that she drop the device on the ground and step on it. She smashed it and leave the pieces on the ground. After that she give Jim a huge smile and give him a big kiss to the face. "Thank you bro!" Before Jim started to cry the last thing he saw was her 21 years old sister's perfect ass while she left the room.
The end.

  1. The end

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