Baby jim and big sis

Infinite AR - Episode 11540

When the shirt was pulled off of him, he saw his formily younger sister towering over him. She picked him up and held the new infant in her arms. "you are such a cute baby, just wait till mom sees you now." you try to push out of her arms but you can barely control your legs movements. "hey mom you are always looking in the old baby photo albms, so I thought I bring your little baby boy back with help of his own invention. Your mom knew you were a genius inventor, and therefore wasn't surprised by the sight of your naked 2 month old body. She held you in her arms, then said

  1. Kati, could you get that remote, jim needs more changes
  2. I wish I were pregnant again
  3. I'm too old to have a baby
  4. Kati do you want to be pregnant with jim

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1/31/2010 5:45:04 PM

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