Extremely full pull up

Infinite AR - Episode 114918

Jim wanted more mess. He got up and ran downstairs quickly to avoid detection. He grabbed a bunch of water, snacks, and a bottle of liquid laxatives. He then quickly ran back upstairs. He wasn’t sure how he avoided everyone when he smelt like a dumpster and each step caused a squelch. But hey, whatever. Jim ate everything he grabbed, drank all the water and then downed the laxatives. Then he sat At his desk and played on the computer for a while. An hour or two goes by. The entire time his stomach had been churning and bubbling. Then he gets a cramp and an urge. He quickly got on his hands and knees, just in time as he released. Pooping and peeing at the same time. From the way he was all the mess rushed to the front of his pull up, the stretchy padding being weighed down. Halfway through he sat down normally, the other half of his new mess bulging the back of his pull up. Jim smiles and squishes both sides, happy with his achievement. He slowly stood up and was almost pulled back down. It all rushed to the middle and stretched it down. Then due to the elasticity it sprung back up and pushed it all over. Jim then realized he couldn’t close his legs. The pull up bulging a good six inches with mess

  1. Jims mom walks in
  2. Jim humps his diaper
  3. Jim mentally regresses
  4. Jim walks downstairs and shows his mess off
  5. Jim goes to school like this
  6. jim pees and poops more

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