Some clothing

Infinite AR - Episode 114912

Jim got up and reveled in the fact that each step he took the pull up would squelch. He walked over to the closet and pulled out a onsie and a pair of booty shorts. He had been saving these for one day and today is that day. He slowly put on the onsie and noticed that as he snapped the crotch buttons words appeared on the crotch. It read “ I love making messes”. Jim bit his lip and agreed with it. Then he put on the booty shorts, the butt having words appear aswell. This time they read “squish me”. Jim thought that was a good idea, and promptly mashed his ass on the ground, all the mess squishing and squelching.

  1. The words start changing and Jim does what they say
  2. Jims mom barges in
  3. Jim has to go to school
  4. Jim decided to go down stairs like he is
  5. Jim makes more messes in his pull up

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