pink is for girls but now you are one.

Infinite AR - Episode 11461

Jim watched as the woman took down and opened a different box of diapers, pulling out a bright pink one. Wait wait wait those are girl diapers. Jim said eyes wide with fear. Yes so they are but though you say that you'ed look so much cuter in them. The woman above him said and easyly slid Jim into them. Suddenly Jim felt a strange tingle in his grion and it started to feel really hot and uncomfertable. Closing his eyes Jim waited for the pain to pass or at least die down so he try to get away or figer out how to get back to normal. Jim's eyes shot open when he felt him self being picked up. Oh what the matter sweetie feeling a little hot under the diaper? The woman chuchled, No matter just wait and ender it a while longer it'll pass. Sure as sure what the woman said was right the strange tingly feeling was gone but sometihng felt very off, before Jim could figure out what though the woman cupped her hand under his tiny baby butt and began to carry him offsoon they were at the end of the isle where a large shopping cart waited in the shopping cart was a girly baby carrier that Jim was tightly straped into. The woman wraped him in a blanket so tightly he couldn't move his arms with out loosening it and having her retuck him in it. The woman brought the visor up and turned on the little hanging toy that played a lulliby, Jim soon felt his eyes dropping and was soon fast asleep. The woman spotted this and quickly went to work gathering his or in this case her new clothes, toys, bottles, and of course diapers. Jim slept well like a baby that is until he felt something cold, at some point or another Jom had gone off and wet himself agian. Feeling helpless Jim untaped his diaper in attempt to get it off and away from the cold. After untaping it he looked down to where his manhood or in this case boyhood should have been, but there was nothing spotting a mirror Jim quickly crawled over to it, positioning himself he looked to where his boyhood should of been but found nothing more then a single gash between his or more like her tiny baby legs. I told you that you'ed be cute in them and I know that you'll be even cuter and more adorible as a little itty bitty widdle cute as a button baby girl. The woman cood in a babyish voice. NO! Jim shouted but nothing more then a loud babyish whiney yelp came out. Oh oh looks like someone won't be talking for a long long time. The woman giggled and began to strip right infornt of him til she was in nothing but her bra and super thin and lacy panties. pulling the panties off slowly she watched Jim drool and fall onto his back so he was looking right at her big lush pink beautiful vagina. Like what you she snook'ems? Don't worry one day you'll have one just like mommy. She said, thats when reality really hit Jim, he was a girl now his penis was gone he had a tiny pussy that like the woman said would turn into a big and lush vagina. Jim wimpered, Sssshhhhh now now it's o.k mommy's right here. the woman bent and scooped Jim up, Don't worry baby I'll be here to show and teach you what you'll need to know. Oh but first we need to give you a new name, hhhmmmm, oh I know you'll be my little Jasmin. She cooed Jasmin wimpered some more, as 'her' new mommy carried her off to be...

  1. diapered and dressed
  2. bathed
  3. to be diapered and fed
  4. to be breastfed and put to bed

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