Her old age returning in front of the teenaged boy

Infinite AR - Episode 1120

Smirking at how attractive she has become, she decides she should make herself even more irresistable to this boy. She reaches for some new coins and turns back to the well. But to her shock, her reflection is not young anymore. Already her second youth is fading, the wrinkles of a 40-yearold cluttering her complexion again. The sexy, firm breasts that she just fondled are sagging again, and the thin figure is quickly growing fatter.

"No!" she gasps to herself, showing more and more of her true age in front of the boy she was trying to seduce. "No!!" Desperately, she tosses the coins into the well, hissing "I want to be young and beautiful! I want to be young and never grow old!"

  1. It works like a charm
  2. It appears that the well only grants one wish per person

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12/11/2005 4:24:51 PM

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