Beauty to Cutie

Infinite AR - Episode 111

Samantha didn't even have time to say a word before she was engulfed by the light of the machine. When the light subsided, she could only stare forward as her mind tried to catch up with what was going on.

'J-Jim? W...What was tha..' Her face froze as she heard her voice. It wasn't the deep, sensual voice of a 21 year old, butthe shrill pitch of a child. She looked down. Her eyes widened as she saw that she was no longer a woman but a child, a toddler no less. Her breasts were gone and, in their place, was the layer of baby fat that she had lost so long ago. The biggest shock came as she realized that the tupe top and daisy dukes she had been wearing before were now in a crumpled mass on the floor. She couldn't say anything as Jim picked her and the clothes up, carrying her and her clothes inside, shutting the door behind him with his foot.

'Wha... what happened to me?' Samantha asked, teary eyed, as Jim placed her on the couch.

Jim shushed her as he kneeled down, smiling and rubbing his hands through her hair. He explained the device and what it did to the girl, no older then three years old. Samantha looked up in shock, partially irate that she had been his personal guinei pig, yet partially amazed at what he was done and flattered that he was going to share it with her.

He smiled and tossed her the tube top that she had worn as an adult. 'Don't worry, this is only temporary. Now put this on, you can't go around naked can you?'

Her mind still hadn't completely overcome the shock, but she knew that he was right. She guessed that Jim intended for the red and blue garment to act as a dress of some sort. But she saw Jim pull out the device again, zapping her and the tube top. When it subsided, she wasn't wearing it, but was wearing a pair of pink shortalls with a white blouse. She felt something thick between her legs before she realized she was in training pants. She looked up at Jim, confused.

Jim caught her confusion. 'It's one of the settings on the gun. It has clothing that matches ages in the setting, so I set them equal.'

She looked away and nodded. 'A...alwight...' Her speech patterns had changed a bit also. She looked up at Jim and smiled. Although she wasn't too excited about what he did to her, she knew that it wouldn't last.  And she'd get the device from him. Plotting the revenge made this more bareable. Jim smiled and put the device away, picking the girl up. Before she could do anything, though, the front door opened.

Natalie, Samantha's 8-year-old sister, walked in and stared at Jim. 'I... uhh... forgot my key and... who's the little kid?' She was dressed in a pair of jean capri pants and a white tank-top that as a size too small for her slightly pudgy frame. Her short brown hair came down to her shoulders and accentuated her hazel eyes.

Samantha frowned at being called that. 'I'm not a little kid, Natlie! I'm still youw olda sista!'

Natalie looked at the girl strangly. 'My older sister? Samantha?'

Jim smiled. 'Yes, Nat. This is Samantha.'

Natalie just stared back. She was understandably confused and quite skeptical. 'I-I don't know what's going on, but... you can stop this... it's really freaking me out.'

Jim looked over at Samantha. 'I guess it really is a hard story to swallow, huh?'

Samantha nodded. 'Maybe you shud show her?'

Jim nodded and looked over at Natalie. He pulled out the device and pointed at her, pressing one of the buttons.

Natalie took a step back, but the light engulfed her. Almost as quickly as it had, the light subsided.

  1. Natalie is now 15 years old
  2. Natalie is now the same age as Sam
  3. Natalie is now a little boy
  4. Natalie was hit by one of the more obscure options on the device

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