Wet Bed

Infinite AR - Episode 11

Jim felt dazed as he turned towards his bed. His head was swimming and reality seemed to be morphing around him.

With a start, he realised that his bed was drenched. There was a patch of urine in the middle.

And furthermore, the bed itself didn't look like his own. It was covered in starship covers and unfamiliar sheets... and it looked way too big.

Dazed, Jim looked down at his own pajama pants and realised they were wet too. And not only were they wet, but they weren't his either... the patterns and the size seemed to suit a small kid, not a grown man.

Yet they fit him perfectly.

Jim turned to the mirror and gasped as he saw his reflection. He was no longer an adult. Somehow, he'd regressed into a seven-year-old boy overnight! He stared at the stunned four-foot-tall boy in the mirror, smelt the sweet, acrid scent of his drenched pajamas and realised that the entire room had changed as well. Starships lined the walls. All his furniture had been replaced. Even the door seemed higher up... then again, that probably related to his new height more than anything else.

Jim recalled that everything had been normal when he got out of bed. Indeed, this transformation must've occured in the time between receiving that message and now. What had the guy said? Something about making all his 'wildest fantasies come true?' If he had the power to do this, Jim was convinced.

He decided to...

  1. Get changed into fresh clothes and head on down to that address.
  2. Ditto. On the way he's stopped by his mother, who gets him ready for school. Back to second grade, Jim.
  3. Get changed into fresh clothes, change the sheets and find out whatever he can on that address.

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