Party: Jasper feels a little strange.

Infinite AR - Episode 10851

Jasper soon loses track of Natalie at the party. It was easy to do since the very attractive teen was surrounded by those who wanted to know her better.

She did have a moment or two of sickness but recovers quickly. A very handsome man, whom Jasper mentally refers to as 'stud', leads her into an unoccupied room.

She starts to shiver in pleasure as he stips the clothing off of her and gives light kisses to the newly exposed skin. She lets out a sigh of pleasure as he gives a couple light kisses to her nipples.

Jasper lets out a yelp of pleasure the moment when he enters her once lying her on the bed. The gypsy teen starts moaning as he stretches her to her limit with his hard rhythm.

She was glad of the particular young mans talent and recovery as he came inside of her several times and she orgasmed at least an equal number of times. He let her relax her glistening body on the bed as he dressed and went back to the party.

Despite the drowsiness Jasper felt, she could tell that something was going very wrong with her. The slight bulge of her stomach region gave her first visible clue.

  1. Jasper hadn't known Jim had put a safety feature on the raygun. Jim is reverted to his original age quickly.
  2. Jim's safety feature only works part way. Jasper is now about eight or nine months pregnant.
  3. Jim's safety feature works both ways as he (or rather she) and Jasper switch ages.
  4. Jasper gets the raygun and stops the effect.
  5. S.E.

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