The gypsy teen takes Jim out of the picture

Infinite AR - Episode 10844

The newly rejuvenated gypsy girl began to roam her hands over her body.

"Ah it feels soooo good to be young again.", smiled the teen gypsy.

The action of her hands had caused the loose clothing to slip off the girl, exposing her young teen body in all it's glory to Jim. Jim could not help to stare at the naked beauty in front of him. The teen gypsy let a small giggle as she watched the front of Jim's pants start to tent up.

"I see that Jimmy likes the new me too.", the teen giggled as she rubbed the front of Jim's pants, causing him to moan.

Full of fresh pumping hormomes, the gypsy girl wanted more. She unbuttoned Jim's pants and pulled down his boxers. Jim had no idea what the gypsy girl was planning, but he could not move to stop her. Smiling she staddled Jim's lap and guided his member into her lower opening. To keep Jim from making any noise to bring back his mother, she kissed him on the lips deeply as she moved her hips around. Five minutes later, Jim could not hold back anymore and let loose his orgasm, pumping streams of fresh semen into the gypsy girl womb.

"That was nice Jimmy, really nice. You know it's been over 40 years since I made love.", the gypsy girl said as she slipped off of Jim's lap.

As Jim was coming down from his orgasm, the gypsy girl was pacing the floor with the gun in her hand.

"Now what to do with you, I can't have you trying to ruin my plans or changing your mother back. I need to keep you out of the way for awhile." pondered the girl out loud. The a grin appeared on her face, "Hmmm I know know of a way" as she adjusted the settings on the gun.

"Please no, I'll do anything", pleaded Jim.

"Sorry Jimmy, think of this as a vacation, no worries", smiled the girl. She pointed the gun at Jim and fired.

The gypsy marveled as the affects of the gun took place. Jim began to grow younger, backwards through his teens. His once stiff member, becoming small, limp and hairless as puberty left him. Jim shrank into his clothes as he re-entered his childhood. Smaller and smaller went Jim as his disappeared into his shirt. His legs had pulled up into his pants, leaving shoes and socks on the floor. The gypsy watched as the lump under the clothes grow smaller as Jim went back into his toddler years. The girl rumaged through the clothing on the chair and pulled out a small infant baby boy.

"Ah Jimmy is so cute.", giggled the girl.

Knowing what was coming next, the teen girl lowered herself to the floor and spread her legs. She placed newborn Jim between them, with his feet facing her. She felt a sharp pain in her gut and a wet bloody cord flew out of her vagina and attached its self to Jimmy bellybutton. Contractions of labor started and she laid back with her knee in the air. With each contraction, Jimmy was pulled closer to the gypsy, and closer to his new mother. After many contractions, the gypsy girl lowered her legs and rested, now sporting a nine month pregnancy. She cooed as she rubbed her swollen belly. Her pregnancy marched backwards through the months, growing ever smaller as she rub it. When her stomach flatten out smooth, she was overcome with pleasure and buck her hips into the air. The gypsy smiled and rubbed her belly once more.

"Well Jimmy, guess what, I'm your new mommy and you know what else. You are going to be your own father.", whispered the gypsy. She knew that inside her womb was the now separated egg and sperm of Jim. Using her magic, she moved one of Jim's own sperm that was in her womb and let it combine with the floating egg. Smiling with success, she got up from the floor. "I can't wait for my baby girl to be born." she giggled, knowing she used one of Jim's female sperm to fertilize the egg.

The gypsy look at her clothes that were piled on the floor.

"These will never do", frowned the girl.

Picking up the gun from the floor, the gypsy adjusted the settings and fired at her old woman clothing. They changed colors and shrank, moving like they were alive. When they had finished changing, the gypsy pulled up a pair of silk panties, a short pleaded skirt, her new c-cup lacey bra, and a low cut shirt that showed cleavage.

"That's much better", smiled the gypsy as she styled her hair in a mirror. "Now onto the party".

Before she left the room, she put the gun in her new purse to use later. After locking the door, the gypsy meet up with Jim's first mother.

"Hi, I'm Jasper. My grandmother said you wanted to go to a party.", lied the gypsy teen girl.

"Oh yes very much.", relied Jim's mother. "Oh I'm Natalie by the way."

"Well Natalie should we go?", asked Jasper.

"Hmm where's Jim, isn't he coming?", asked Natalie.

"Oh you mean the cute boy talking with my grandmother, he is staying with her to help fix up the place while we party.", explained Jasper.

"Oh okay", Natalie sighed.

"Well come on, the night is young and so are we", giggled Jasper and pulled on Natalie's arm.

Jasper took note that Natalie was a few years younger than her. She had set the gun to make herself 17 years old. So she was guessing that Natalie was around 14 or 15. Jasper climbed into Natalie's car on the passenger side.

"Hmm I can't drive, I'm only 15." blushed Natalie.

"Oops my bad, I'll drive then." smiled Jasper and moved to the drivers side.

Both Jasper and Natalie headed off for a party to go to. Inside Jaspers womb, the fertilized egg's cell started to divide, becoming two, then four, then eight, and so forth. Jim's consciousness was confused, all his thoughts were on growing and dividing.

  1. Jasper used the gun on Natalie throughout the night, making her younger each time
  2. Jasper and Natalie sneak into a college party and get drunk
  3. Jasper thinks her new baby needs a sister
  4. Natalie gets drunk at the party and wakes up nake in bed with a guy
  5. SE

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