The Gypsy Woman and the Raygun of Youth

Infinite AR - Episode 10839

"Hey, like, the old woman isn't in my head anymore!" Jim's mother exclaimed. "I've got to find a party!"

The old woman gave the teenager a grin that made Jim shiver. "My granddaughter is your age and coming by soon. Why don't you wait outside for her? She knows where a party is."

"Thanks for dealing with the old lady in my head."

"Your welcome. Now just wait outside." Jim tried to say something, but the old woman had stopped his movement again. His mother left and the old woman turned back to him, raygun in hand. "I don't have a granddaughter but I think I can get someone to join her."

She set the raygun, pointed it at herself, and pulled the trigger. A few moments later, the gypsy woman started to become younger. White and Grey Hair turned into long black and wavy hair. Wrinkles lessened and then disappeared. Her butt and breast raised and firmed to their former curves. Within a few minutes the elderly woman turned into a young sexy gypsy in her late teens. One wearing poorly fitting clothes.

"Now what to do with you Jim." That smile that a few minutes previous was hideous was now sultry and full of promise

  1. The Gypsy Woman didn't know about the safety features that he had on the raygun if used on him.
  2. She set the raygun on an infant setting. She did have a good friend that would make a good babysitter when younger.
  3. The raygun was set on prebirth. A fetus of a few days after conception would be no trouble for the gypsy woman unlike a baby.
  4. The gypsy woman return to youth made her very horny. Maybe she will deal with Jim afterwards.
  5. Something else happens.

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